Sunday, February 10, 2013

You Tried, SNL. Gold Star.

Last night, as per usual on my Saturdays, I tuned in to the always-lovely Saturday Night Live, only to find that something had gone amiss: There was Bieber in my SNL. But OMG, like, why do I even need to tell u this? It's Justin FREAKING Bieber. U should always know what he's doing. Just, I mean, look at him. Totes presh.

Like I said. Amiss.
In my humble opinion, I would have been happier with almost anyone else hosting - a comedian, another pop star, Gary Busey, anyone. Yet, I was met with someone who looks like Miley Cyrus but with fewer Y chromosomes.

So, yeah; if you haven't gathered, I, along with a sizable percentage of others, aren't too fond of the guy. We enjoy making fun of him almost as much as making fun of anime.

Belieb it.
Instead of avoiding this maelstrom of rage, the fine people at SNL tried to meet it head-on and do something incredible: make Bieber seem human again. They've tried this a couple of times before with the likes of Hannah Montana and the dog from that teen paranormal soft-core porn film. There's just one problem: those attempts didn't work. Lautner is still a meathead who can't act and Miley went and did something...different.

On paper, SNL did everything right. Sketches were written well, and they should've gotten plenty of laughs, had the audience not been constantly entranced by the second-most obnoxious performer to come out of Canada, right between Nickelback and Avril Lavigne.

I don't hurt anyone as long as Bieber doesn't make song titles like "Sk8r Boi."
So why didn't this work? The sketches took enough shots at Bieber to humanize the teen heartthrob, and the cast managed to feign interest for the full ninety minutes. Despite their best efforts, SNL's writers couldn't surpass the biggest obstacle in their way: Bieber himself. The guy's just too far gone to be likable. He's too proud, too important, and too similar to whatever was in that first picture up there. In my short time talking with music video director Joseph Kahn, I heard a few stories that cemented my assumptions about him in the worst way. And lastly, he acted all too casually with the whole "Cut for Bieber" thing.

Yeah, so, another person enters and leaves Saturday Night Live with an unchanged image. So what? Well, what I'm saying, is that this late night sketch comedy show has some magic in it. It transformed Justin Timberlake from that ramen-haired dude in a boy band to a bona fide actor, and it morphed John McCain into someone you could vote for.

At the moment, last night's episode just seems like a waste of an evening. Yet, in the future, we'll look back and see it as a missed opportunity to make one of the most reviled musicians seem approachable. Oh, well. Woulda coulda shoulda.

What did you guys think of The Biebs on SNL? Leave some comments in those lonely white boxes. In the meantime, I'll mention that I finally found a store that carried Invincible #100; after reading it, I can say that I won't really miss reading the series - a shame, if you ask me. And as for that King of the Nerds rant I promised you so long ago? That probably won't happen. I've been putting it off so long that, by the time I actually get around to it, no one will give a crap. Sorry. Anyway, thanks for reading; I'll be back next time for more stuff. Wow, this is a long outro paragraph.

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